Scope of Work

For this project we were approached by the owner of the property who had a need to keep his house cool in the summer and to provide low cost heating to supplement gas central heating within the house in the winter.

On our initial visit our design engineer visited the premises and sat down with the customer to give details of the kinds of solutions that are available.   The only brief that the customer had was that the Air Conditioning units be as discrete as is possible.   With that in mind we proposed floor standing units for downstairs rooms and small vented outlets in upstairs bedrooms and hallway.

A full site survey was carried out measuring all rooms taking account of any heat loads within the rooms and windows, paying particular attention to if a room were south facing as this causes considerable solar heat gains within a room.   Site plans were drawn up and calculations made to ensure correct load of cooling and heating was applied to each room.

Our proposal consisted of a Mitsubishi multi split external unit supplying floor standing AC units in downstairs lounge and conservatory and Mitsubishi VRF (Variable Refrigerant Flow) condensing unit ducted units in the loft space above first floor.

In order to minimise changes to the house decoration refrigeration services were run externally penetrating the wall behind each floor standing unit.  For the upstairs units we used the same strategy and services run up external wall of house penetrating through into loft area.

Three Mitsubishi ducted evaporator units were installed on raised fixings within the loft space. From these units flexible ductwork was run to each of bedrooms on first floor.  Aesthetically pleasing air outlets were fixed within the ceiling of each room and connected to ductwork.

For control of Air conditioning a wired remote controller was installed within each room to allow individual control of temperature.

For this installation in addition to the installation services we also provided electrical installation by utilising our team of electricians.

Project Review

This project is a great example of the type of solutions we can offer residential customers. We managed to offer a solution that complimented with existing decoration within the house and shows how air conditioning can also be utilised for cooling of conservatories.

We were thanked by the customer for a professional service and a tidy job which is what we pride ourselves on. Not only has the customer now enjoyed a cool summer in what has been the hottest summer in years they have also called to say that the usage of gas central heating has reduced so much that their overall energy bills have reduced significantly.

Project Duration: 7 days ,

Installed: Summer 2013

Type of Project: Air Conditioning installation to residential premises.