Scope of Work

Running simultaneously as another Co Op store at Buckhold Square, Wandsworth the essence of this project was the installation of a new build store converting a wine bar into a Co Op convenience store. As nominated refrigeration contractor we began by carrying out a thorough and detailed survey of the site layout to gain a comprehensive understanding of the project requirements.

Due to delays with structural work this was a project that we would have to hit the ground running and had a very short time in which to install & commission.

The proposed scheme was to install a new refrigeration system to serve new remote display cases and coldrooms. In addition to this was the installation of Air Conditioning.

The new refrigeration system was designed to be in the form of a multi compressor pack sited in a newly constructed basement plant room.   This was our first challenge as the staircase to the basement was very narrow which meant it was impossible to move full size plant in this area.   By working closely with the pack manufacturer DCI we managed provide a solution that allowed the plant to be delivered in small sections and reassembled in basement area.

A remote condenser and liquid receiver were proposed to be sited on external roof at rear of store since the plant room had minimal airflow.  This was our second challenge as main road outside the site was a red route with busses driving past continuously.  Using a 55t Demag Crane we managed to setup in adjacent residential road on a weekend.  By suspending parking bays and by providing traffic management we allowed the crane to site the condenser on the flat roof with ease and minimal disruption to nearby residents.

In order to keep the aesthetics pleasing to the eye and noise to a minimum (in what is a very populated area with properties close to store) it was decided to enclose plant area with frosted glazing and acoustical absorption panels on the inner section of the enclosure.

The new freezer cabinets were chosen to be integral.

Four new Mitsubishi split system air conditioning units were installed on the steel platform on the flat roof to provide heating and cooling to the sales area. One new Mitsubishi split system air conditioning unit was installed under the existing fire escape to serve the Manager’s office.

Services for cabinets and coldrooms were installed close to the ceiling with limited height within the store.  A boarded ceiling was then installed to conceal pipework.  For island cases aesthetic cladding was used.  These methods ensured an aesthetically pleasing installation for both staff and customers.

In addition to the refrigeration and Air Conditioning installation we also installed an RDM (Resource Data Management) Refrigeration Alarm system to monitor temperatures within the store and alert the manager if a maintenance engineer is required.  We are skilled experts in data cabling and refrigeration alarm system installations which can be added to any installation with ease.

We also supplied and installed a new ‘shop services’ electrical distribution panel in the warehouse area.  This is another service that we offer on all refrigeration and air conditioning projects.

Project Review

Whilst challenging, this project proved our capacity for quality installations even when time is at a minimum.  By using additional teams of labour we were able to meet the Co Op programme and provide an installation that we can be proud of.   We have been commended on the quality of the installation by Co Op management and refrigeration consultant.  Customers have also commented how much they love the store!

In partnership with the Co Op our installation at this store has help provide 2000 sq. ft. retail store for local residents and combined with the new Buckhold Square store have created 26 new jobs for the community.

Project Duration: 11 days , Start on site 29/11/13 and completion 10/12/13

Type of Project: Brand New Co Op Acquisition store