Project Duration:

16 days , Start on site 18/11/13 and completion 09/12/13

Type of Project:

Brand New Co Op Food Acquisition Store

Scope of Work

Running simultaneously with another Co Op store at East Hill, Wandsworth the essence of this project was the installation of a new build store at the ground level of a multi storey residential apartment block.  As nominated refrigeration contractor we began by carrying out a thorough and detailed survey of the site layout to gain a comprehensive understanding of the project requirements. The installation was carried out during normal hours and out of hours as per the Principal contractor’s programme.

The proposed scheme was for the provision of a new refrigeration system to serve the new remote display cases and new remote coldrooms. The new refrigeration system was designed to be in form of multi compressor pack with remote condenser and a liquid receiver. The new freezer FGD was integral.


As part of the project we installed a new Arctic Circle compressor pack in the refuse area of the store. Since the plant room has no ventilation we were responsible for installing a coldroom evaporator and connecting it to pack. This ensures that plant area is kept cool and compressors do not overheat.

A new DCI ‘X25’ condenser was proposed to be sited onto a purpose built mezzanine level above the sales area entrance door. For airflow new louvers were proposed above the main entrance.   This was the most challenging aspect of this project since the site is on a very busy red route road in Wandsworth with a bus stop outside.  With careful planning we managed to arrange for lifting apparatus to enter the premises by removing one of the front windows to allow it to transport condenser from delivery vehicle to mezzanine area.   The louver itself proved to be a challenge to ensure that the aesthetics of the building were preserved and noise levels adhered to.  We achieved that goal.


Two new remote coldrooms, one chiller and one freezer, were installed within the warehouse.  Searle Bush Evaporators were installed to coldrooms and connected to the new pack. Services for cabinets and coldrooms were installed close to the ceiling. A boarded ceiling was then installed to conceal pipework.  For island cases aesthetic cladding was used.  These methods ensured an aesthetically pleasing installation for both staff and customers.

Two new Mitsubishi multi-split air conditioning units were installed to serve the sales area connected to four indoor ceiling cassettes.  One new single split air conditioning unit was installed to serve the new office connected to one new indoor wall mounted unit within the Manager’s office.


In addition to the refrigeration and Air Conditioning installation we also installed an RDM (Resource Data Management) Refrigeration Alarm system to monitor temperatures within the store and alert the manager if a maintenance engineer is required.  We are skilled experts in data cabling and refrigeration alarm system installations which can be added to any installation with ease.

We also supplied and installed a new ‘shop services’ electrical distribution panel in the warehouse area.  This is another service that we offer on all refrigeration and air conditioning projects.

Project Review

Whilst challenging, this project proved our capacity for quality installations even when time and resources were at a minimum.  Running simultaneously with Co Op East Hill, Wandsworth we utilised our labour efficiently and met the Co Op programme, providing an installation we are proud of.

Similar to East Hill both staff and customers have commented how much they love the store!

In partnership with the Co Op our installation at this store has help provide 2000 sq. ft. retail store for local residents and combined with the new East Hill store have created 26 new jobs for the community.

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