FGAS – There are currently proposals in place to tighten the regulations surrounding the use of refrigerants in modern systems. Healy’s devote a considerable amount of time and resources within their technical team, ensuring all installations not only conform to current regulations, but take into account the anticipated changes.

A proposal document has been issued to the EU and Government regarding banning current refrigerants which will affect Global Warming due to too much Co2 being produced, however no replacement refrigerants are in place currently. This will start coming into effect in 2015.

We can provide a service to audit your current Air Conditioning systems and advise the most cost effective energy efficient replacement options, accruing the modern efficiency plant. As well as offering comprehensive salesinstallationmaintenance and repair services, we are also able to suggest a range of flexible leasing and equipment hire options which may help ease the load of bringing your systems in line with these new regulations.

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